TEACHING STAFF- The school has a very strong teaching ratio of 1:30 in every class. The teaching faculty is well qualified and experienced to cater to quality education. Academicians and experts from various institutes are invited to impart training to the teaching staff. Classes are also monitored through CCTV.

DIGI- CLASSES – The child need smart education. We have introduced the latest teaching methodology through the introduction of a Digi- classroom where all students are exposed to the latest form of education. Shifting teaching from Green Board to Digital Board is more lively, interactive, supported with audio-visual aids & easy to understand.

COMPUTER LAB - Modern education is incomplete without computer knowledge. Computer education is mandatory for all students. Students are given theoretical as well as practical knowledge in a computer lab aided with the latest technology. This year the number of computers in the lab have been increased.

LIBRARYThe library is always known as the nerve center of learning resources of any institution supporting teaching, learning and academic development program. The school is equipped with a well stocked library on all subjects. The students, as well as the staff members, enhance their knowledge by availing the facility.

BIOLOGY LABFor students to experiment and learn about the science of biology, their laboratories need to have the proper equipment. Teaching resources modeled on the idea that students will learn best if they are actively engaged and if their activities are close. Biology lab is an important aspect of the Medical stream. Our biology lab is a wonderful place for children to nurture their inquisitiveness and enhance their scientific quests.

CHEMISTRY LABChemistry without practical knowledge is like a body without a soul. Therefore our school Chemistry lab is fully equipped with all modern science instruments which conform to specifications laid down by CBSE and NCERT. Plus special care is taken to prevent any kind of mishap or accident occurring in the Chemistry lab by providing first aid on the spot. The lab instructor is very well trained and has been working with the institution for several years.

PHYSICS LABPHYSICS LAB--------------------

SPORTSThe school has added a full – fledged playground for students where they can play football, cricket and participate in all other sports activities to keep their body fit.

WORKSHOP FOR PARENTSThe school has been organizing workshop for parents through eminent child psychologists & counselors to address to their problems related to handling of the child which has been very useful & appreciated by the parents.


SMS ALERTSMS Alert System for Holiday, Festival, notices regarding other activities are conveyed to the parents through sms.